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What I love about the University of Nottingham

Hey people! I'm here again. Today I'll talk about the University. I started my PhD at the University of Nottingham by the end of 2019. Most of my PhD was during the pandemic, but in the first few months, I had a "normal PhD life" and had time to explore the uni and meet new people. The uni is opening again for the new academic year, and I'm really excited to have "my PhD life back". Well, there are many things I like about the uni and Nottingham so far.

This is what I see on my way to the astronomy department everyday.

As you can see in the pictures: the campus is beautiful. I generally walk to the uni, and the view is impressive. I feel somehow connected to nature. In some way, it is very different from Brazil because here, the difference between the seasons is clear. During the summer, everything is green. We can see the orange tones during the fall, and during the winter, everything seems white.

The astronomy department is fantastic! I love people there. They do science outreach and are known by that (which I think it's an excellent thing, science outreach is really important!). They celebrate holidays together; for example, people meet to celebrate Christmas and decorate the department. It is a very comfortable place to be. The astronomy department has amazing groups of Extragalactic Astronomy. I felt very welcomed from the beginning. Moreover, my supervisor is awesome!

There are many places at the university to meet friends and practise sports. Their gym is good, and if you buy the membership, you can go to a wide variety of classes like dance, yoga etc. There is a good cafe that I used to go to every week, and they also have restaurants/pubs inside the uni. If you want, you can join clubs, I'm thinking about joining the archery club soon, but we'll see...

The uni has a health clinic which works with the NHS, and it is really good! I'm amazed by their health system. They are fast and efficient in most cases. I don't have to pay now to be attended, but I spent an amount when I first moved to the UK. I had to pay an amount to the NHS when I was applying for the visa. Well, it is worth it, because it is terrific.

About Nottingham: it's a good city to live in in general. It's not a big city like London, but it's not small. I would say it's kind of peaceful. Nottingham is known as the "city of Robin Hood", which I like cause in the story, he robs from the rich to give to the poor, and I think it makes some sense. In the city centre, there is a statue in which he points an arrow to the castle, it's very representative. There are some places here in the UK that I feel I'm in a medieval movie or something similar. I lived in two big cities in Brazil, so I feel somehow more connected to nature here.

Robin Hood statue in the city centre.

Probably there are more things I like, but I don't remember because my memory sometimes sucks. I hope you all enjoyed this "little trip" to Nottingham. 🏹💖

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