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Talks & Extra Material

Here you will find my recent talks, material related to my work and useful resources

DEX-XX: 20th Durham-Edinburgh eXtragalactic Workshop

I had the chance to present my work on  intracluster light in proto-clusters (Werner et al. 2023) and of course I would make a presentation with a Star Wars theme!

Center for Astrophysics
AstroAI workshop

The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics orgnized a workshop with educational purposes. The idea was to discuss different ways of using AI in astronomy, that's why the name of the group is AstroAI!


In this presentation, I mainly talk about the work published in Werner et al. (2022) and I also mention Lopes & Ribeiro (2020) that used 18 ML techniques to select galaxy clusters' members.

ESO - A Journey Through Galactic Environments

Recently, there was a very exciting conference about galactic environments organised by ESO. The conference happened at Porto Ercole and I had the chance to talk about intracluster light in proto-clusters (Werner et al. 2023)!

Revista Brasileira de Astronomia 19 (jul-sept 2023)

The Brazilian Astronomical Society has its own magazine and I was invited to write about proto-clusters of galaxies in the 19th edition! This edition has also very interesting content about Euclid. However, the editorial wrote by Helio J. is the most important of all, you will not regret reading it!

You can access the 19th edition here. For older editions, click here. The content is in Portuguese :).


241st Meeting of the American Astronomical Society

In January of 2023, I presented my work on galaxy evolution in proto-clusters at the 241st meeting of the AAS (session 260. effects of environment and interactions on galaxies). 

This was a dissertation talk. You can find more about these projects reading my papers: Werner et al. (2021), Werner et al. (2022) and Wernet et al. (2023)

ESO - Galaxy Cluster
Formation II

In June of 2021, an awesome meeting about galaxy cluster formation and evolution was organized by ESO. You can find more about the meeting by clicking here. I presented my work about the infall region of galaxy clusters at z~1 (Werner et al., 2021).  

Click here if you want the DOI. 

S-PLUS Galaxy Clusters and Groups Catalogue 

We created a galaxy cluster catalogue using S-PLUS data (Werner et al. 2022). We used simulations to test how well we can recover clusters with the PzWav technique. More about the S-PLUS survey can be found here (Mendes de Oliveira et al. 2019).

If you want to have fun with a new sample of galaxy clusters, our full clusters and groups catalogue is available on GitHub.

EAS Meeting 2021

I presented my work in the meeting organized by the European Astronomical Society in 2021; you can find out more about it here.  You can also find more information by searching for #EASleiden2021 on Twitter.


I presented my work about the infall region of galaxy clusters in the session "The role of nurture on the Star Formation cycle of satellite galaxies".

XXXII Canary Islands Winter School

I went to Canary Islands to learn more about galaxy clusters! The XXXII Canary Islands Winter School of Astrophysics was about the Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Clusters Across Cosmic Time. 

You can find more about it clicking here.

PhD Thesis

In my PhD thesis I talked about the evolution of galaxies in proto-clusters of galaxies. You can access it by clicking here.


Here you can find my Twitter threads about science. They are in Portuguese, but threads in English are coming soon.


Here you can find my YouTube channel. They are in Portuguese, but I plan to add subtitles in English to them in the future.


If you want to check my publications, you are in the right place.


If you want to check my courses/teaching material, you can find them here.

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